Bug-Fixes included in Dialog

-Fixed an intermittent problem with ignored scoring lines due to strange
 syntax errors (#0002369)
-Reduced the background file access to the log file
-Fixed EFOpenError exceptions when auto-saving attachments (#0002577)
-Fixed an EFCreateError exception with automatic saving of attachments (#0002510)
-Made deleting lots of thousands of articles in a group faster
-Fixed a stream read error with the log file (#0002571)
-Trying some experimental code to handle EFCreateError exceptions due to locked
 files (might be an antivirus problem)
-Fixed tooltip hotspots being off by half a character width (#0002421)
-Fixed encoding of From header fields for certain names (#0002514)
-Fixed "freeze" when copying a lot of entries from the status window to the Windows
clipboard (only the last 2000 lines are now copied to the clipboard)(#0002491)
-Fixed !watch and !ignore actions flagging the wrong articles in some cases (#0002460)
-Single-Key-Read now also scrolls the caret (#0002452)
-When hovering over a link in a html part of a message, the target URL is now shown as
 a tooltip (anti-phishing) (#0002449)
-Fixed handling of non-numerical time zone identifiers (#0002427)
-Fixed tiny font problem in some input boxes on Windows 95/98/ME
-Fixed missing accel characters (underlines) for the submenus in the composition window
-Fixed repetitive guessing of the default group charset even after the user manually set
 one/corrected it
-Fixed bodies not being retrieved when consolidating moving articles from a group to a
 folder through scoring (#0002267)
-New/fixed command for "Single-key read (forced retrieval)" and "Single-key read (skip
-Fixed a pre-processor error window when using wrong compiler directives
-Fixed an intermittent AV when filtering for a group while getting articles/headers
-Pipelining is now a per-server option
-New/fixed command for "Single-key read (do not fetch bodies)" and "Single-key read
 (skip quotes)" and removed the "Single-key read (Space) gets next unread article" option
 (you might need to correct the keyboard shortcuts for SKR when updating)
-Fixed duplicate check for multipart postings, e.g. when combining groups from multiple
 servers into one group/folder in Dialog
-Corrected year in splash and About window
-Added a "Mark read on SKR" option that works independently from the focused pane
-Fixed line wrapping for base64 encoded text with CR or LF line breaks only (instead of CR+LF)
-Handling "JPEG error #67" gracefully now