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Setting up X-Headers on Dialog isn't all that difficult, but it may be a bit different than what you're used to from other newsreaders. First off we start by choosing Servers, Identities, Signatures... in the Settings menu



In the window that opens up, we choose X-Headers on the left hand side of the window:



Now we want to start adding X-Headers by clicking on the New button just to the right of the X-Header display list.



After clicking New a small dialog window pops up prompting us for the name of our first x-header. Now we begin adding all the x-headers we could ever possibly want to use. Remember: The name of the x-header is typed in without the leading X- or the trailing : (colon), so if you want to use an X-No-Archive header for one of your identities, you would type in No-Archive. For our example, I'm only going to define two X-Headers: X-Dialog-User and X-No-Archive.



In our example the neccesary actions would be:
[New] button
[OK] button
[New] button
[OK] button

We finish adding our X-Headers by clicking on the OK button at the bottom of the X-Header page



Now that we have our little pool of X-Headers, we have to assign them to our identity and give them a value. Don't worry, it's not as complicated as it sounds. Remember the Servers, Identities, Signatures... in the Settings menu? Well, we need it again.



This time instead of choosing X-Headers, we want to choose Identities from the left hand side instead.



At the top of the Identity window there is a list of available identities (In Image 7 I've put a green rectangle around them). Let's choose one that we want to assign X-Headers to. After picking an identity we go to the bottom of the Identities window and click on the X-Headers drop down field. All of our pre-defined X-Headers are there. Now we choose one we want and in the field next to it we type in a value. In the case of our X-Dialog-User we type in You Betcha!, we give our X-No-Archive header a yes value.



X-Headers that you want to show when you post with your chosen identity must be given a value, or they won't show up. After you've finished assigning your X-Headers to your identity, click the OK button and you're ready to post with your shiny new X-Headers!

JarrodCifer - 01 Nov 2003