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Compact Database Reminder

This nice little OnStartup-Script reminds you to compact your database, in defined intervals.

The original version of script was written by Matija Krnic (matija.krnic -at- This script only works properly on NTFS file systems, as FAT doesn't have the "last created" date/time, just the "last modified" one. There's a workaround, but it'll fail each time you set the default group options. if you don't touch them (which is, i guess, what most people do since you don't need to alter them after you've configured them once), the script works normally.


Matija Krnic (matija.krnic -at-, Initial release
Lars Biskupek (l.biskupek -at-, Revised version: Changed from an OnShutdown to an OnStartup-script and made use of the new DoLater-comand to make it work under Beta 37.
Alexander Sailer, Include-File & Fix: Changed to an include script. Additional there is asked for the existance of the named file.

Install & setup the script

Please note that this script is an include-file!. You have to copy the following script inside a new custom script (for example "DBReminder_include") and safe it. Please don't compile this custom script! After that you have to add the following lines to your OnStartUp-Script:

program OnStartup;
{$I DBReminder_include.ds}
procedure OnStartup;  
  //remind to compact DB

The script

Note: Do not compile the following script file! It will displays an error.

  // the path to the 'default.ini' file in your dialog's data folder
  myDialogDataINI = 'c:\program files\40tude dialog\data\default.ini';

  // set this to true if dialog's installed on a FAT partition
  hackFAT = false;
  // the time that needs to pass between the last compaction date and
  // the current time. the number is specified in days and defaults to 7,
  // but fractions are possible: 7.5 would warn you if seven and a half
  // days passed since the last time the database was compacted.
  remindAfter = 7;

  // the text in the message box that pops up when it's time to compact.
  // the '%days%' variable will contain the number specified above.  
  // the '%lastcompact%' variable will contain the date and time
  // the database was last compacted on.
  mbReminderWarning = 'Your database was last compacted on %lastcompact% and it''s already been more than %days% day(s) since. Compact now?';
  //strings for debugging purposes
  mbFileNotFound = 'The file "%fname%" could not be found';
  mbLastCompact = 'Last compact on: %date%';
  // message box captions
  mbCaption = 'Compact database reminder'; 
  mbDbgCaption = 'Debug DB reminder';

// ----------------------------------------------------------------------
// nothing to change down below, go away! ;)
// ----------------------------------------------------------------------

  // this holds the date and time for a file
  tFileTime = record
    dwLowDateTime: integer;
    dwHighDateTime: integer;

  // and this holds the actual, readable stuff
  tSystemTime = record
    wYear: Word;
    wMonth: Word;
    wDayOfWeek: Word;
    wDay: Word;
    wHour: Word;
    wMinute: Word;
    wSecond: Word;
    wMilliseconds: Word;

  // createFile() constants
  GENERIC_READ = $80000000;
  FILE_SHARE_READ = $00000001;

  // message box constants
  MB_YESNO = 4;
  MB_OK = 0; 
  IDYES = 6;
  IDNO = 7;

  // holds the file handle
  fHandle : THandle;      
  // tFileTime variables; we only use the creation time in this script
  myCreationTime, myLastAccessTime, myLastWriteTime : tFileTime;
  // the original file date and time
  myUTCSystemTime : tSystemTime;
  // file date and time with time zone compensation
  mySystemTime : tSystemTime;
  // these will hold the date and time values in pascal-usable form
  myFileDate, myFileTime, myFileDateTime : tDateTime;
  // the final messagebox string
  myReminderWarning : string;
  // string for debugging purposes
  strTxt : string;

// imported functions. god bless delphi's RTL source and the wonders of copy and paste.
function CreateFile(lpFileName: PChar; dwDesiredAccess, dwShareMode: integer; lpSecurityAttributes: pchar; dwCreationDisposition, dwFlagsAndAttributes: integer; hTemplateFile: THandle): THandle; external 'CreateFileA@kernel32.dll stdcall';
function CloseHandle(hObject: THandle): boolean; external 'CloseHandle@kernel32.dll stdcall';
function GetFileTime(hFile: integer; var lpCreationTime, lpLastAccessTime, lpLastWriteTime: tFileTime): boolean; external 'GetFileTime@kernel32.dll stdcall';
function FileTimeToSystemTime(lpFileTime: TFileTime; var lpSystemTime: TSystemTime): boolean; external 'FileTimeToSystemTime@kernel32.dll stdcall';
function SystemTimeToTzSpecificLocalTime(lpTimeZoneInformation: pchar; var lpUniversalTime, lpLocalTime: TSystemTime): boolean; external 'SystemTimeToTzSpecificLocalTime@kernel32.dll stdcall';
function MessageBox(hWnd: longword; lpText, lpCaption: PChar; uType: longword): Integer; external 'MessageBoxA@user32.dll stdcall';

procedure DatabaseReminder;

  //check existance of file 
  if (FileExists(myDialogDataINI) = false) then 
    strTxt := stringReplace(mbFileNotFound, '%fname%', myDialogDataINI, [rfReplaceAll]);
    MessageBox(0, strTxt, mbDbgCaption, MB_OK);
    // we need a special file handle, normal ones won't do
    // obtain the file creation, access and modified times
    getFileTime(fHandle, myCreationTime, myLastAccessTime, myLastWriteTime);
    // FAT file system "workaround"
    if hackFAT
      // transform last modified file time into system time
      then fileTimeToSystemTime(myLastWriteTime, myUTCSystemTime)
      // transform creation file time into system time
      else fileTimeToSystemTime(myCreationTime, myUTCSystemTime);
    // compensate for the local time zone
    systemTimeToTzSpecificLocalTime('', myUTCSystemTime, mySystemTime);

    // encode the system time into two tDateTime structures and merge them  
    myFileDate := encodeDate(mySystemTime.wYear, mySystemTime.wMonth, mySystemTime.wDay);
    myFileTime := encodeTime(mySystemTime.wHour, mySystemTime.wMinute, mySystemTime.wSecond, mySystemTime.wMilliseconds);
    myFileDateTime := myFileDate + myFileTime; 
    //Debugging - enable MessageBox(..) for more information
    strTxt := stringReplace(mbLastCompact, '%date%', dateTimeToStr(myFileDateTime), [rfReplaceAll]);
    //MessageBox(0, strTxt, mbDbgCaption, MB_OK);    

    // check the number of days that have passed between the current date/time
    // and the last compact date
    if (now - myFileDateTime) >= remindAfter then    
      // replace the '%date%' in the reminder warning text with the actual number
      // and the '%lastcompact%' with the string-formatted last compact date
      myReminderWarning := stringReplace(mbReminderWarning, '%days%', floatToStrF(remindAfter, ffGeneral, 15, 1), [rfReplaceAll]);
      myReminderWarning := stringReplace(myReminderWarning, '%lastcompact%', dateTimeToStr(myFileDateTime), [rfReplaceAll]);

      // pop up a message box and see if the user wants to compact
      if (MessageBox(0, myReminderWarning, mbCaption, MB_YESNO) = IDYES) 
        then ADoLater('CompactDatabase');                                                 

Script by matija (modified by Bisku and Alex)