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Script allows you to hide or show Body Parts Tree panel by double mouse clicking at panel above body of the message.

Warning! This script does not work on Dialog v.

How to add script:

  1. Select Settings -> Scripting -> Scripting option.
  2. Select Message scripts tab.
  3. Select File -> New script.
  4. In new window select control BODYHEADERHEADEREDIT and message WM_LBUTTONDBLCLK.
  5. At the left part of window select message BODYHEADERHEADEREDIT-WM_LBUTTONUP.ds
  6. Paste script code.
  7. Select File -> Save option.
  8. Select Script -> Compile.
  9. Select Script -> Reload all compiled scripts in Dialog's main window.
  10. Close Scripts window.

After that, test script by double clicking at panel above body of the message.

//     Type : 40tude Dialog Message script (tested at
//     Name : HideShowBodyPartsTree
//  Version : 1.0. (2004-02-25)
//   Author : Doktor (doktorlubicz <at> poczta <dot> onet <dot> pl)

//  If you have any suggestions about script or if you found any
//  bug in it, contact me. Please put a word 'script' in email subject.


uses Forms, Extctrls;

procedure OnWMessage (var Msg : TMessage; var handled : boolean);
  with TPanel (Application.MainForm.FindComponent ('BodyViewerPanel')) do
    if Align = alClient then
         Align := alLeft;
         Width :=
           TPanel (Application.MainForm.FindComponent ('BodyTopPanel')).Width;
     else Align := alClient;
   handled := true;