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Starting with version this function is an integral part of Dialog (Settings -> General Settings -> Navigation )

This is one for the keyboard navigators among us.

The following script and the description were blatantly ripped off of Andreas Borutta's excellent Dialog page with an update I found in a post by Enrico Bauer (The second PostKey line). The page is in German, so I'm taking the liberty of translating this bit into English. Please read the Postkey script warning page before trying out this script.

You're at the very bottom and you want to get to the top? With the press of a key?

To be more exact: Let's suppose you've reached the last unread message in the last thread in the bottom most group, and you would like to jump all the way up to the top of your group list and start over again. To do this with just one key we'll need to do two things first:

Make a new custom script

Program Paternoster;
PostKey(36, false, false, false, false, false, false, false, false);
PostKey(105, false, false, false, false, false, false, false, false);

If we assign this script to a key after saving, compiling and running it, it works pretty well, with one exception: It doesn't start at the top of the first group, but at the point you last left it. To get it to start at the very top, we need to do one more thing.

Add a spacer at the very top of your group list.

You can find it under 'Group' -> 'Folders' -> 'Add Spacer'. Now when we use our elevator script we land at the very beginning and we can start reading again.