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First a short background info: Dialog normally starts up with the catch-all category 'Subscribed' activated. Often it would be much nicer to have Dialog start in a nicely sorted, user-defined category. The question of how to do this was answered in by Exiddor with the following post. Please read the Postkey script warning page before trying out this script.

> Norbert Schmidt wrote:

>> how about creating a new category and copying everything exept the inbox?


> Works quite well. If only there was a way to mark this category as a

> default view for the newsgroups pane... :)

There is ;-) Use a simple script - for example, if your new category is called Jo rename it to &Jo. Then install this OnStartup event script:

program OnStartup;

procedure OnStartup;
PostKey( ord('J'), false,true,false,false,false,false,false,false);


Now when you start Dialog, it will default to your chosen Category.